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Welcome to Wine and Chill

Where you can be confident in purchasing wines that your will actually enjoy drinking for the price of only two pints of beer in the CBD

And don't be embarrassed to offer a bottle of wine as a gift anymore. All our wines are a safe bet. You don't need to sacrifice quality for prices. The only difference between a bottle of wine at 40 SGD compared to a wine at 80 SGD is the level of complexity. The more complex, the more expensive. But in no situation, will you ever drink boring wines or wines that are not acceptable.

Complexity depends on your personal preferences for either you prefer lighter or fuller wines. Or whether you prefer red fruity notes rather than woody green aromas.

Oh you want me to talk about more? Ok then. Scroll down for learning more about our wine company.


How is wine priced in Singapore?

Wondering whether our wines are truly worth their value? Learn the truth about wine prices in Singapore. No, wines taxes are not high.

Why table wines are so expensive then? Check our article in our wine blog here.

French wines only?

“Frainch waynz ar zi baist”

French wines only... for now. We are coming soon with some great Spanish, Italian and Australian wines. Feel free to recommend any partners that would be interested in collaborating with us.

We are super friendly! We are not looking for some great pinot noir wines anymore. Rumors says we will be offering burgundy wines very soon…Any grape variety you would like to get delivered express in Singapore? Let us know.

What if there was someone, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you choose a wine adapted to your taste? What if he could teach you all the basics you ever wanted to know about wine? Online sommelier on his way! Coming soon...

Express wine delivery

Because your time is valuable.

Remember that time you ordered a wine online and had to wait 2 weeks to get delivered and spent a whole Saturday afternoon to receive your parcel? Well, that’s not going to happen with us.

At Wine and Chill, we believe that this kind of practice belongs to the Nokia era. As we aim to be one step ahead of our time, we offer same day delivery with 2 hours slot.

Yep, as good as Redmart delivery services.

Wine and Penguins and Chill?

Well, you remember our brand now, that's the only point.

Plus, penguins are so cool (and chill).
And yes, we know what Netflix & Chill means.. Why not Wine & Netflix & Chill?

Don't think too much. Just drink another glass of GOOD wine.

Meet our founders

Kevin Wang

Sales & Operations

He is a sensitive man and he is not afraid to show it! He worked in the fragrance industry before moving to Singapore where he fell in love with hawker centers abundance of smells. He learnt the meaning of SEO only three month ago.

Oliver Shih

Digital Marketing

He is an expert in Digital marketing and e-commerce. Not only he knows about all the soon-to-be expired best practices in the field. But his main strength is his practical mind and his ability to drive conversions through customer satisfaction.

and watch this cool video to know more about us!


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