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Wine & Chill differentiates itself by its wines quality and its wines quality, only.

No premium overcharging to finance our marketing expenses. We simply use wine-searcher

“Frainch waynz ar zi baist”

A French gentleman trying to praise the quality of its wines, 2016, Singapore

No smoke and mirrors, Less talking and more drinking

We are 100% transparent. Learn the truth about wine pricing in Singapore here.

Let's make French wine great again!

French wines only... for now. We are coming soon with some great Spanish, Italian and Australian wines.

Feel free to recommend any partners that would be interested in collaborating together. We are super friendly!

But why the penguin though?

Because penguins live in Antarctica (or Arctic?).

And it's chill over there. I heard.

Is there anything related to the expression Netflix and chill?

Maybe... Don't think too much. Just drink another glass of wine!

Who we are

Your friends !
Please be a good friend and buy our wine.

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Meet our external consultants who help us choose our wines.

Kind of like sommeliers except that they are not humans.

Meet our team

Kevin Wang

Sales & Operations

He is a sensitive man and he is not afraid to show it! He worked in the fragrance industry before moving to Singapore where he fell in love with hawker centers abundance of smells. He learnt the meaning of SEO only three month ago.

Oliver Shih

Digital Marketing

He is an expert in Digital marketing and e-commerce. Not only he knows about all the soon-to-be expired best practices in the field. But his main strength is his practical mind and his ability to drive conversions through customer satisfaction.

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