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Last month, we produced and launched a video to show our audience what our daily life looks like. Some part were fake (I never use Tinder) others couldn’t be truer. For instance, I only shop groceries online. I scarcely go to a physical supermarket. Prices are the same online and you don’t have the hassle carry your groceries shopping bags. So why do people keep going to places like Cold storage or Fair Price? Ok, I am not talking about people going to wet markets every morning because, to me, it’s simply a different group of customers. I am not talking about supermarket tourists. For instance, every time I visit a new country, I like to visit local supermarkets to have a glimpse of what items surrounds daily locals life.

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ANYHOW, please accept my apologies for the digression. If prices and products are equal and shopping online is more convenient, why do people keep going to physical stores? I am not a marketing professional so those are just random shower thoughts.


  1. People are not aware of the online wine companies


Most wines that you might encounter in Singapore restaurants that are worth less than $S 100 are usually poor quality wine, if not to say non-drinkable wines. I simply just gave up on drinking good wine for my first year in Singapore. It is common for expats in the lion city to believe there is no offer for shopping quality wines in Singapore. They are just not aware of the existing wine companies. Unlike in Europe, you don’t have that many boutique wine shops available on the street and the only physical stores providing wines are supermarkets, either with very cheap quality wines or overpriced average wines.
In the end, I drank wine very scarcely, much less than when I was living in Europe.


Then I started being hit by many wine advertisement campaigns both offline and online. Still, I got so used to think that consuming wines in Singapore were not worth it that I did not want to try any of these companies. After months of intense marketing efforts towards me, I decided to have a look into it. Good products are available and most people don’t know about it. But what was intriguing was that the main barrier was not awareness but the trial.


ordering wine online trial and awareness


  1. People are not used to buying wine online


Once you get people to be aware of your brand, you need to get them to try your product, especially if they are not used to it. That’s why you see so many wine companies organizing tasting events. But I think this is not the right thing today. People who go to tasting events to drink wine for very cheap (or even free) are not the target audience. Appreciating wine is a lifestyle and if you are someone obsessed by value for money, you will never truly be able to enjoy a good wine. Of course, if you can save money that’s always better, but if you take more pleasure in saving money than drinking the wine itself then something’s wrong.


Instead, online wine companies should get people used to ordering wine online same as they order their meals, their groceries or their clothes. How? I don’t know yet but I believe in capitalism. With all the new competitors launching in Singapore market and the intense marketing efforts, consumers will try more and more often shopping wine online in Singapore. They will sooner or later get used to it and only order wine online. Go Redmart, Zalora and all these E-commerce that changed so many people’s life.
E-commerce is just at its infant stage in South East Asia and I believe it is just a matter of time before people start buying more wine online.


Of course, you will always have some super rich with huge wine cellars who will buy through their brokers by the cases or en Primeur wine to store the wines. But for the average consumer, the on-demand business model will become the most attractive.

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