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In France, I often order a glass of wine in restaurants and also drink wine at home and at friends' places. Basically, anytime I could drink alcohol, I would most of the time choose a glass of wine over any other alcohol. In Singapore, I only drink wine at home and here is why.


Wine at home


Why drinking wine in bars and restaurant is not my thing in Singapore

During my first two years in Singapore, I was always out for social events. 100% of my wine consumption was based on restaurants and bars. And even so, I would often prefer a cold beer or a whisky on the rock over a glass of wine. But what are the reasons?

1. Because as a French national, I know I could get a bottle of grand cru for less than 15 euros back home. It makes it very painful to drink a glass of Australian table wine at 20 SGD.

a bottle of wine vs a glass of wine

2. Because the wine is always served at the wrong temperature. I understand that Singapore is hot and that you must not leave it outdoor. But if you sell wine by the glass, could you please at least get a proper wine fridge? It doesn’t cost that much.

3. Because only a few restaurants have a decent wine list in Singapore. I mean, having a wine that is drinkable is easy to find. But finding a wine that gives you pleasure other than just getting tipsy? Very hard to find in Singapore mid-range restaurants.

And unfortunately, I don’t run a restaurant, therefore I cannot change that (for now… who knows what might happen?).

Last minute wine bottle purchase for your friend’s dinner/BBQ


wine at barbecue

With an expat lifestyle, weekdays go very fast. Compared to France, Singapore working pace is much more intense. We start earlier, we finish later and overtime is more common. Plus, with a hot climate all year long, you cannot afford to go to the gym from April to June only. People get in their beach outfit at least once a month, either it’s with a trip to Tioman, Bintan or even Sentosa, or your condominium’s kickass swimming pool.

Why am I saying that? Because when It came to buying a bottle of wine for such social events, I always ended up doing it last minute... at Cold Storage... or worse, at Fairprice. Yeah sure, I could get cheap bottles of Aussie wines for 20-30 SGD. But every time, I am more embarrassed than anything. Not only am I scared of my wines tasting horrible, I also know that my host knows that I have been a lazy guest.


I don’t drink wine in restaurants and bars because there is no quality offers out there that can beat a glass of Japanese whisky. But at home, in terms of value for money, nothing beat a good bottle of wine from Wine and Chill.

With Wine and Chill, you can order your bottle of wine on Friday morning, get delivered to your office on the same day and go directly to your friend’s dinner with a delightful French wine in your hands. Do you live in Tanjong Pagar, East Coast Park or Woodland? You don't have wine company there? It doesn't matter. Choose and pay online, and get your wine delivery for free when ordering a minimum of 150 SGD.


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