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Who uses wine-searcher?

As it name indicates, www.wine-searcher.com enables you to search wine. All wine connoisseurs know about this web search engine specialized in wine. And there are no reasons why you should not know about it too. Not only the information is public but it is also very easy to use and understand. And we strongly encourage you to start using it too if you want to gain expertise in wine tasting.


What's on wine-searcher?

Almost 9 millions of wine are listed on the platform. Each wine has a unique card for each vintage. We can find much useful information such as average price in the world, food pairing suggestions and tasting notes. Do note that the price might be much lower than on our online shop. The simple reason is that it does not take into consideration taxes. But the most important information we are looking after here is the average critic score.


What does the average critic score mean?

This average critic score is an aggregation of several renown wine critics. The most notable ones here are Robert Parker, Jancis Robinson, and Wine Spectator.

The critic score is a hundred point scale. But what does it really mean? Here is an extract of their score meaning:
From 95 to 100: Classic, a great wine
From to 90 to 94: Outstanding wine with a superior style and character
From 85 to 89: The wine is very good with special qualities
From 80 to 84: This is a good solid and well-made wine

Wines with average critic score below 80 are considered mediocre. What was the average critic score of the last wine you bought?


How does Wine & Chill use wine-searcher?

That's why at Wine & Chill, we only offer wines with a score of at least 85. That's also why we consistently indicate the wine-searcher average critic score on each product page.

I hope you appreciate this transparency. Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you have any further questions about it.


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