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drinking french wine is romantic

Yes, we are talking to Singaporeans couples. So, how is drinking wine from another country considered patriotic? Well, let me explain below the equations “Drinking French wine + Making babies = Being a responsible Singaporean”.


Maintain Singapore competitivity by making more babies


If you take the MRT to go to work, you have probably seen this new campaign called “I Love Children”. This pro-babies campaign aims at encouraging Singaporean parents to have more babies by giving them tips to address the challenges parents have for making babies such as lack of finance or simply a lack of desire. While we do not have solutions for finance, we do sell French wine which can help you improve the desire for your partner. Not saying that you should drink too much either which could be harmful to the future baby. Just a glass or two of French red wine. Then why babies? That’s basic economic rules. For a country to be prosperous in the long term, it needs its young working class to be renewed constantly.

What about drinking wine then?


Drinking French wine is sexy as hell


romantic french wine guy serving wine

Have you ever heard anyone exclaiming “I need to buy a pack of Tiger beer for my one year anniversary with my wife”? I don’t think so. Drinking is a social activity (please don’t drink alone). And each alcohol has its own type of social activity associated with it.

Nothing says more “newly single and ready to mingle” than tequila shots in a bar with loud bad music. Whisky is a classy beverage for gentlemen or business occasions. Who the hell orders mojitos during a business meeting? Of course, beers are great for casual drinks with bros. I could write a whole article about each type of alcohol and the attributes associated with their drinkers but I will keep that for later.


These are so cliche. So what? Ever heard of placebo effect?


Sounds so cliche you might think. And it is. You might like it or not but unconsciously, drinking some specific type of alcohol puts us in different moods. And there is nothing related to chemicals inside these beverages, it’s purely based on the biases that most of us share. And wine has the chance to be the preferred drink for special meals such as business lunch, or home cooked dinner with friends who have kids...And of course a dinner date with your wife or husband. Think about it. For a romantic dinner, what would you choose? My point. (if you replied Champagne, yes ok for one glass as an aperitif, but certainly not during the dinner. So you would still need wine afterwards).


Step up your French wine drinking game


Here are a few sexy words you can use to describe your wine: “ruby-like dress, voluptuous, mouthfeel, full-body, intense aromas”. You don’t need to know their meaning but it just sounds sexy, okay? If you are even more motivated, try learning the French translations of these adjectives.

Seriously, if you still cannot visualise how romantic your dinner would be, simply try it. It will put her/him in the right mood for a sexy time, I guarantee it (provided that you don’t screw up the cooking part).


Conclusion: Support your country long term success by having more babies that will lead the Singapore of tomorrow. To have more babies, spice up your sexual life with romantic French wine.

Bonus, Mentos Singapore trying to promote having babies back in 2012 video…







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