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It baffles me to see how poorly chosen is the lexical language used by current wine sellers in Singapore. Just look at Vinomofo in Australia. They are writing amazing content. Then, why, in Singapore, do they underestimate consumers' IQ? Here is a list of the most annoying expressions I encountered when purchasing wine online.

Most annoying terms you can hear in Singapore when purchasing wine Donkey




Such a fancy word just to say “selected”. Why can’t people use simple language?





When wine sellers use the term premium, they want you to think it's a premium product quality. But we all know it is just an excuse to charge you a premium FEE.





Exclusivity for all your members. Or anyone willing to type his email address on your homepage signup bar. I feel so special!





It's actually half annoying. With all these tasting events, you can actually drink cheap wine for free almost every day in Singapore. Too bad you have to make small talks, though.





Stop pretending you have cellars in Singapore. Do you know how expensive is rental in Singapore? Be honest, you just store your wine in an ugly warehouse in Jurong East with AC so strong that you need to buy a puffa jacket for all your delivery boys.





At Wine & Chill, we don't handpick our wines. We use our feet. Feet picked if you prefer. Not really feet picked actually since we use feet gloves. I mean socks. Feet-with-socks-picked wines.





Talking about subscription, use this amazing referral code Circles Life: BWUON. I get discounts on my phone subscription. You get discounts. Everyone get discounts! Wait, subscription for wine is still a thing? Oops.





Community? Can you be more precise? Or you mean your client database? A list of email address in an excel sheet coupled with MailChimp?





“Hey guys, let's go online to save costs on operations. Now let's add another middleman to add more costs.” Really?





You mean you have your own sommelier? Fantastic! Is he an intern like your digital marketing manager?



#1, the worst of all


Ok. We get it. You sell French stuff. And French are famous for producing good wines. Bla Blah Blah. Now shut up and let's drink! You can buy some good red wines in Singapore here.


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