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Getting red after drinking wine at your wedding

 drink red like a tomato

Eating and drinking are all fun for most people. But as you might have noticed, many Asians have what is commonly known as Asian flush syndrome. It’s due to some gene defects. People with Asian flush tend to get red, hangover, skin rash and nausea much faster than average individuals when drinking wine. Or any type of alcohol actually. It’s apparently due to some enzyme not working properly. I am not so sure.

But I am talking to people who have this disease (if you can call it a disease?). You don’t care about WHY you have these symptoms. All you care about now is SOLUTION. How to drink and enjoy wine without being laughed at by your friends. Especially that now everyone takes pictures of every moment with their invasive mobile phones. You don’t want to look even uglier on Facebook than in real life.

Not only your everyday social life is a nightmare, but imagine drinking wine on your wedding day...

Imagine yourself spending so much time pampering yourself and get a damn glass of red wine ruin your romantic day. Your wife is white as snow and you look red as chili sauce.

No worries, Mr. Penguin has the solution for you and it’s free! I mean, you can read the rest of the article without registering to our online wine shop.

Don’t drink wine at your wedding

 wedding wine banquet singapore

Thanks but no thanks. If anyone suggests you seriously to stop drinking because of Asian flush, just unfriend them on Facebook. But keep them on your wedding guest list. You need these Angpows to fund your wine supply from Wine and Chill.



Wear some makeup before drinking


Only do that for your wedding day. Not every time you go for a beer near your office. Have some dignity. It will only work if you start drinking only after the shark fin soup and not faster than one glass every three dishes. Say what?! Who still drink shark fin soup? I do, and I even add some fine Cognac in it. Yummy. And if you are serving Western cuisine, wait for the foie gras!



Edit all the photos before letting them be published online


You are probably not the one editing the photo so it’s 100% efficient. It is also convenient but unfortunately very expensive. This photographer ain’t cheap and photoshopping every single picture of the wedding where you appear (basically almost all of them) takes a huge amount of time. So you better negotiate before hands and put that into the contract under the clause “Confidential special requirement”. Plus, if you happen to have a creative spirit and plan to make a wedding photo book on a platform such as this online photo album printing platform. You better pay the extra money.

Buy your friends some Beer Googles

This is my favorite suggestion. While the photo editing is perfect for “after” the wedding. Getting your friends drunk is the best for “during” the wedding. Be careful, the danger of alcohol consumption should not be taken lightly. If you know anyone with a wine addiction problem, please go talk to them and help them. Ok, everyone is guilt free now? So buy as much wine on consignment as you can. Don't keep them behind the bar, just put them directly on the table so everyone can serve themselves. You never know, some people are actually too shy to ask the waiter to serve them a glass of wine.

Follow all these instructions and your appearance at the wedding shall be saved.


Alternatively, you could freeze your partner and yourself for a century until someone invents a magic pill to cure Asian flush. I would also advise to freeze yourself with some bottles of fine wine to drink centuries old wine at your wedding in the far future.

I love freezing. Of course, I am a penguin.



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