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Automation and creativity


I wrote in my previous blog posts about the importance of convenience. But I do give a lot of importance to taking the time to enjoy simple things too. Don't get me wrong when I say I support frictionless environment. It doesn't mean I support replacing good home cooked meals with pills that contain all the nutrients a human body needs. I am not an emotionless robot who wants to automate everything. That's actually the exact opposite.


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I believe some tedious tasks could be performed by a robot so that humans can focus on more valuable activities such as eating, drinking, dancing, painting, or sleeping. Life is too short to spend queuing in a supermarket or waiting for a customer service to pick up the line.



Contextual commerce and the future of consuming (wine)


I had a dream where people could get anything they want, even without asking for it, with the minimum time and effort at the lowest price. That's also known as contextual commerce.


Not only it will free human beings from machinal work and let them develop their creative skills that robots and algorithms cannot copy, yet. it will also enable the world with a more efficient use of resources. And god knows how crucial is resource management in 2017.


We could save so much energy by matching demand and supply for local actors, with the minimum promotion efforts. Do you know how much energy your mailbox consume every year? How is your mailbox server powered? Is it with green energy or with nuclear plants? The answers can be found here and it is scary.



Think big, start with small sips


Of course, this won't happen within a few weeks, it will take years, but we have to start now. Yes, technology is ready for that. You just need to make it happen. Let's just DO IT!


That's why I decide to start now with the wine industry. I believe there is such a waste of time and energy trying to navigate the overwhelming amount of information.


In the end, people just want to sip good wine at a reasonable price that they will enjoy with their food. Unfortunately, for a wine producer to have his wine sip at someone home, they will need to work with many middlemen that will send hundreds of emails and print countless flyers.


Purchasing wine online is more eco-friendly. But purchasing wine online from Wine & Chill is, even more, eco-friendly. Because we are an online wine company that consumes less energy through sending less useless invasive newsletters and promotions campaigns. Instead, we give you what you want thanks to the original content.


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Soon, we will launch something big to enable you to remove even more friction while purchasing wine in Singapore. Stay tuned. But now, be more eco-responsible and buy your wine with Wine and Chill. Don't forget that we provide express wine delivery island wide in Singapore! Share if you liked this post.



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