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Humoristic post ahead. Please don't take this seriously. We don't encourage kids to drink.

If like many people, you are too busy watching Netflix and that you have no time to attend wine classes, here is a short introduction to wines. It is written so simply that even a six-year-old could understand. Please note that human beings under 18 years are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in Singapore.

First, why do adults drink wine?

Drinking wine makes grown-ups happy. Why? Because it is the same as when you drink your [Insert famous Singaporean kids drink]. The taste of wine is yummy! So why kids are not allowed to drink wine? Because wine contains alcohol. And if you drink too much alcohol, it is not good for your health. It can make you sleepy and grumpy. That is why, despite being super yummy, adults should consume wine only with moderation. And they also should not drink and drive at the same time.

How is wine made?

Wines can have different colors. It can be purple-red, yellow or pink. All of them are made by pressing the same fruit: grapes. White grapes are used to make white wines (even though the real color is yellowish). Black grapes are used to make red and pink wines. The grapes, no matter the color (no matter the color kids, remember that), are pressed in order to collect the juice. Then a very important phenomenon happen, which is the key to making wine: fermentation. Fermentation is when the sugar in the juice is transformed into alcohol. If you are wondering how this happens, please wait for our next bedtime story. After waiting for a while, the new grape juice that contains alcohol and less sugar is called wine.

What does wine taste like?

You are not allowed to drink wine so I will try to describe to you how a wine tastes. Wine is made from grapes but it does not taste like grapes at all. That’s the magic of oenology! Wine can taste like many other fruits such as apples, strawberries, banana or even pineapple. Some wines can taste like spices and vegetable such as grass (yuck), cabbage (double yuck), cinnamon or pepper. Wines can also taste like many other things such oak wood, hazelnut, chocolate or even coffee. But you probably don’t know what coffee taste like, don’t you. Since coffee is also a grown-ups-only beverage. So in the end, drinking wine is kind of like eating jelly beans. And similarly as for jelly beans, you might love some and you might dislike others. Next time, I will teach how to choose your favorite wines without even tasting it first.

How to drink wine?

Drinking wine is much more complex than eating jelly beans. Because drinking wine, surprisingly, is not only about drinking. Three of your senses are needed to appreciate wine. First, you drink with your eyes. No, you don’t pour wines in your eyes. But you look at your wine color. That’s why most of the time, we use transparent glasses to serve wine. How many colors do you know? Red, Purple, Orange, Pink, Amber, Gold and much more. Everyone has its preferences for colors. You then drink with your nose. Again, don’t pour wine in your noses. But rather smell your wine before having a sip. The more pleasant fragrances a wine has, the more appreciated it is. A good wine should also smell stronger than other wines. Unless it smells strongly vinegar, then it is bad wine (a.k.a. spoiled wine). And only after drinking with your eyes and your nose, you should drink with your mouth. Some people also like to use their ears while drinking. I do too. I like hearing my friends’ voices sharing stories while drinking my daily glass of wine.

Did you enjoy this story? If so, we will soon have published another post but addressed to grown-ups.


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