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Unlike New World wines, French wine producers still use corks rather than screw caps. This requires much more attention if you won’t want to spoil your fine wine. But you already know what you should do and not do to keep your wines safe in Singapore. For instance, providing the perfect temperature for your wine.

Anyhow, just wanted to share with you a new top-class wine storage facility - Singapore Wine Vault. Thanks to their virtual cellar app, customers can get online access to their wine inventory in storage. Pretty cool, isn't it?
Looking for a storage space for your wine? Visit their website www.singaporewinevault.com

Alternatively, you can also keep your wine in a wine cellar at home but it is not very cost efficient. Plus, if like me you live in a tiny apartment, you probably don't have space for storing wine at home either. 

You heard me, that's 2016 and it's the age of sharing economy! People are starting to share their storage space as well. You should also store your food at the right temperature if you don't want to get food poisoning. Just saying.

You have the storage but not the good wine to store in the Lion city? You can purchase some good French wines with us.


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