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I can only afford to consume wine in Singapore, not to store it (yet)


Most people like me don't earn enough money to buy a wine cellar in Singapore to keep my wine at the right temperature. Which is non-negotiable if you plan to store wine in the lion city by the way. Another alternative is to outsource your wine storage to a third party. But unless you buy fine wines, it's not really worth it. So like most people, I only buy wine in Singapore whenever I feel like having a glass. Whenever I want to drink immediately some wine. That's one of the reasons that pushed us to create Wine & Chill. To offer you convenience and quality wine services.

wine investment singapore 

Bordeaux Crus and Burgundy wines as an investment


But some people can afford the luxury to have an actual wine cellar at home. And these people don't keep Australian wines with plastic screw cap. These wines don't need to be aged and their prices don't fluctuate over time. Indeed, only fine wines are worth waiting to mature before drinking. Fine wines like First Growth Bordeaux wines, however, do benefit from maturation. If you don't know what I am talking about, simply Google or Wikipedia "1855 Wine Classification". Most wines are ready to drink immediately. Their taste would only go worse if you store them for too long.


These fine wines are complex and evolve over time. Some of them are recommended to drink only after 5 or even 10 years in a wine cellar. I will explain another day why some people let their wine mature before consuming them. Today, I would like to highlight the financial aspect of buying fine wines in Singapore. Because these wines characters and taste will improve over time, it also means that its prices will increase. Plus, storing wine is expensive and you take the risk to break your bottle of fine wine by accident. That's why wines that are a few years old are often more expensive (provided they are quality wines).

 best fine wine in singapore

Most demanded wines as investments are Bordeaux Grands Crus Classes and Burgundy wines. The reason is that these wines have been famous for producing outstanding wines every year. With all these elements, it is then easy to predict wine prices over the year.  If you studied finance, you can skip the next few sentences. Buying a fine wine is the same as purchasing a future contract in finance. You buy an asset for which you believe the value will increase over time. And it's much more fun because it's a commodity that you can actually relate to. Buying cereals or oil contracts is way less sexy. I am sure you will all agree.



Plus, with new rich Chinese consumers, the demand for fine wines has been increasing incredibly while the offer has been remaining the same. Best fine wines can only be produced in a limited geographical area making the production stable over the years. Demand goes up, the offer remains equal, therefore prices go up. Simple mathematics.



Buying wines En Primeur in Singapore


So you don't have money to spend on expensive wines but you do have money to invest in for your retirement? Start by checking www.wine-searcher.com. You can find all the trends for most fine wines. Read some blog about investing in wines. Because we don't want to be responsible for your investment decisions.


What Wine & Chill can do however is to provide you the wine options to invest in. Have a look at our Prestige wines section. You buy the wine online and we deliver them to you with extra care shipping. Then you simply have to wait and sell when you feel like the price is the highest. Ok, estimating wine prices trends is a bit more complex but you get the idea.

 wine cellar temperature controlled singapore

If you have a bit more than just a little to invest in wine, I advise you to buy wine "En Primeur". This means that you can buy wine even before they are released on the market. This happens every year around May. And we plan to provide you with the option to buy in Primeur. That's where you get the cheapest and best quality wines. But you will have to be patient before receiving your wines.


If you are interested, send me an email at kevin@wineandchill.sg so that I keep you in the loop when we launch this new service. Meanwhile, Have a look at our list of prestige wine in Singapore.


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