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Express wine delivery shops in Singapore

Not so long ago, people looking for express wine delivery in Singapore were left unsatisfied. There few online shops and even fewer would provide efficient alcohol delivery services in the lion city. Despite having other e-commerce players with amazing logistic infrastructure such as Redmart, Deliveroo or Honestbee, wine companies were not up to date.


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Setting new standards for online wine shopping

One wine company came around October 2016 and changed the all game by providing express delivery with an average delivery time of thirty minutes only. That's was a big leap forward compared to the previous 4-5 working days delivery duration. And you would not know at what time of day you will receive your bottles of wine. Could be 10 am as well 6 pm. It was just logical that such services start to appear.


2017 and last mile wine delivery problem solved

E-commerce is about convenience and so far, it was not convenient to buy wine online. Progressively, online wine shop owners saw not an opportunity but an urgency to upgrade their delivery terms. Last miles providers such as Ninja Van or Anchanto couldn't be happier. Quickly, all online wine shops where providing next day delivery. A few weeks later, even same-day delivery for available for some of them.


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From wine delivery to vodka delivery

Late December, consumers could also order any type of alcohol on top of wine from various foreign websites. From vodka, whiskey to gin, any type of liquor would be available within a few hours for a relatively moderate price.

Now everything is ready. There are plenty of last miles delivery providers, countless online wine shops available with express delivery in Singapore. What do you keep shopping in malls? Just log online, click a few buttons and receive your wines without the hassle to walk through the crowd or carry your groceries.

Give it a try now with Wine and Chill. Not only we provide express wine delivery island wide, all our wines are worldwide acclaimed. 


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