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Christmas Eve in Singapore


What does Christmas eve in the lion city look like? I have been living in Singapore for more than two Christmas and this is the first time I am spending it in here. I am scared.

I did not choose to stay in Singapore for Christmas. Not only flight tickets are way too overpriced during that time period, I also need to stay to take care of Wine & Chill customers. I love you guys.

So yeah, I will be spending Christmas without a single snowflake, under 35 degrees surrounded by banyan trees instead of firs. My nose will be filled with durian aromas, oily food court smells rather than spicy mulled wines and roasted chicken with thymes…


Wine Drinking Christmas Singapore



The true spirit of Christmas is in the Lion city

Jokes, I am so happy to stay in Singapore for Christmas. No endless family dinner with your annoying family: your alcoholic cousin, your brother’s spoilt brat or your parents asking when you will get married. This year, I will celebrate Christmas with people I chose to be with. With friends, I genuinely want to spend time with and share a meal. Okay, food is not gonna be as good as in France but I will enjoy my Christmas eve dinner.

Christmas was invented not only to make you spend more money, it is also about strengthening the bonds with your loved one. That’s why I want to say thank you to Singapore for reminding me the real spirit of Christmas.


Good wine delivered & Friends & Cheese & Chill

My plan? I will just order some nice wines online from Wine & Chill and share it with my friends, along with some takeaway roasted honey chicken from Cold storage and some French cheese from Wine Connection. If I have time, I will pretend to prepare some wine and food pairing suggestions. If we sell some more bottles of wine, we might even be able to afford to go to a restaurant to Celebrate. I will probably bring a bottle of Bordeaux Grand Cru Classe for the special occasion. What else do you need?

Oh, last but not least, for once, my nose will not be blocked. No way you will catch a cold in Singapore. I finally learned to sleep without air conditions.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and thanks for making our launch a success!

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