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Have you ever thought about how good having a bottle is, but how much better having more is? Have you ever wished you could get discounted prices for buying more wine? Have you ever wanted more good quality French wine for a lower price?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above (and I know you did), well good for you! As we are constantly renewing ourselves, to offer you more, here is what’s new with your favorite online wine company.


We are now selling wine by cases.


Ok great. But what difference does it make?

Well obviously, you will receive a case you can store the wine you ordered at Wine and Chill. Some are wood cases, some are not, and some are 6 bottles cases, some are 12 bottles cases.

Now here is the best advantage you will get by buying wines online by cases, for every case you buy, no matter the wine, no matter the discounts already present, you will get 15% off!


But don’t worry! Some things stay the same… it’s still French wine, it’s still best quality wine, and you can still profit from an express wine delivery in Singapore!

So wait no more and order your first case here.


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