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Organic wine


Why organic wine?

Apples, strawberries, pears and cherries… Guess what they have in common? Well they are all part of the 10 most pesticides exposed fruits. And guess what other fruit is on the list? Grapes. Around 30 different kinds of chemical products are found on it. Now consider this, 20% of all pesticides in France are used for vines; but what surface do these vines cover in term of farming land? Only 4 % of the whole.


No chemicals

What's the difference with normal wine?

But concretely, what makes a wine organic? Well the EU has a very strict schedule of conditions to respect. Most importantly, NO CHEMICAL PRODUCTS AT ALL. Only natural origin products can be used, and in a limited quantity when it comes to copper based ones. The vines are not treated and neither is the soil, weed is even picked up by hands. Everything is so fresh and pure, if vines could talk they would probably say it’s heaven. This method, however, has a massive disadvantage: grapes are less protected against diseases and bad weather, which can ruin the vines in case of bad conditions. 


The consequences of organic wine  

First consequence of all, organic wine is more eco-friendly. With no chemicals products used for the growth of the vines nor the quality of the soil, everything goes natural, respecting the seasons and mother nature herself; land is not mistreated, waters are not polluted and ecosystem is not degraded. So think big! drink more organic wines and save the planet! Plus, having a healthier soil leads to healthier vines which simply means healthier wines. But now comes the best part, remember that “I’m never drinking again” feeling you have the morning after drinking wine? All this unbearable pain is caused by sulfites, which is 30% to 40% less present in organic wine, so more drinking, less suffering! (seriously, what a time to be alive). 


Feeling good


What about the wine itself?

So organic wine is healthier, everybody could have guessed that. Now what about taste? Truth is it doesn’t always taste better. Grapes making the wine will be of better quality if organic, growing slowly, maturing naturally, but the savoir faire is still very important; a cheap organic wine will never be better than a good classical wine - Lucky you we only have quality wines at Wine and Chill! However at the same level of savoir-faire, an organic wine will taste slightly sourer and less sweet than a regular wine, which will lead to a more expressive and balanced wine.

Have a look at our organic wine here:

Mas de Cadenat 2015 rose

Ogier Chateauneuf du Pape 2014 red



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